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Security System Services in Port Richey, FL

At Time On Target Pro Security, we ensure that your residential and commercial spaces in Port Richey, FL, are safeguarded with the most reliable security technology. Our range includes advanced alarm systems that deter intruders and immediately alert you to unauthorized entry. Video surveillance systems offer real-time monitoring capabilities, providing you with a pair of eyes everywhere, around the clock. Whether it’s keeping an eye on critical access points or the entire perimeter, our solutions ensure that security is never out of sight. Additionally, our access control systems allow for regulated entry, making them ideal for businesses that require stringent security measures. From single-door systems to complex networked solutions, we ensure safety is always a priority.

Advanced Monitoring and Control

Stay in control, no matter where you are. Our access control systems allow you to easily manage entry points, ensuring only authorized personnel can enter sensitive areas. Our intrusion detection systems instantly detect unauthorized access, triggering alerts that help prevent potential security breaches. Coupled with fire alarm systems and environmental sensors, our offerings address threats, from intrusions and fires to environmental discrepancies, ensuring complete protection and peace of mind. Our fire alarm systems meet the latest safety standards, providing early warnings and quick evacuation to keep everyone safe.

Catering to Your Needs Perfectly

Every client has unique security concerns, and our mission is to address them effectively. We provide specialized solutions like motion sensors, security cameras, and intercom systems, which are crucial for both internal communication and external monitoring. Remote monitoring services allow you to check in on your premises anywhere in the world, using just your smartphone or tablet. Our expert team also offers bespoke security consulting services to devise strategies that best fit your specific circumstances and budget. Security lighting systems, for example, are functional and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your premises. Contact us today if you want your property to be more secure.

Why Choose us

Advanced Technology

At Time On Target Pro Security, we utilize the latest technology in security systems. Our innovative tools, from high-definition cameras to smart alarms, ensure superior protection and user-friendly operation. They keep you ahead of potential threats.

Quick Response

Our security systems are designed for rapid response. When a threat is detected, alerts are instantly sent to local authorities and your mobile device, making sure that every second counts towards securing your premises.

Detailed Assessments

We provide thorough security assessments to identify vulnerabilities in your property. Our experts thoroughly analyze every aspect to customize solutions that cover all bases, guaranteeing a fortified environment against any security challenge.


Yes, our security systems can smoothly integrate with smart home devices. It lets you control and monitor your security setup through a single app, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

We recommend a consultation to assess your property and discuss your security goals. It enables us to recommend the perfect solution according to your requirements.

Absolutely. All our security systems comply with local Port Richey, FL regulations. We ensure that every installation meets or exceeds all legal requirements, providing a reliable and lawful security solution.

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