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Security Camera System Services in New Tampa

Time On Target Pro Security knows that feeling secure is a top priority for both homeowners and business owners. That’s why we offer efficient security camera system services in New Tampa. Our wide range of cameras is designed to meet various needs. For example, bullet cameras are great for fixed viewing angles, while dome cameras are perfect for hiding the camera’s direction. We also provide turret cameras, commonly known as “eyeball cameras,” which are simple to install and modify. For those who need a broader view, our fisheye cameras provide a 180-degree wide-angle shot, making them ideal for large areas. Our recording methods are designed to suit different preferences.

We have Network Video Recorders (NVRs) that capture footage from IP cameras directly over the network and Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) that convert analog signals into digital footage. For easy access and storage, our cloud recording options allow you to store and retrieve your surveillance data from anywhere via the internet. Our outdoor cameras are built to last, with features like weather resistance to withstand harsh conditions and tamper-resistant housings to prevent damage. With high-resolution and effective night vision capabilities, our security camera system services in New Tampa provide comprehensive and dependable protection for your property.

Advanced Camera Technology for Your Security Needs

Time On Target Pro Security understands that every location has its security challenges. Our security camera system services in New Tampa meet those needs with smart solutions.

  • A common concern is the camera functionality and placement. We offer advanced options like floodlight cameras that combine bright lights with surveillance to deter intruders. Dual-lens cameras simultaneously capture video from two angles, improving quality and night vision.
  • Our solar-powered cameras use solar panels and rechargeable batteries for eco-friendly options to keep running without relying on external power. For businesses, we make managing multiple cameras easy. Our PTZ cameras can pan, tilt, and zoom, which is perfect for covering large areas.
  • Fisheye cameras provide a full 360-degree view, making them ideal for big spaces like warehouses. Our user-friendly wireless cameras are easy to install and allow remote access, as well as indoor cameras for inside monitoring and doorbell cameras for keeping an eye on the front door.

Our cameras ensure clear footage and effective storage through NVRs, DVRs, or cloud recording. Invest in our security camera systems that are built to handle all condition to keep your spaces safe and secure.

Why Choose us

High-Quality Equipment

Cheap cameras lead to poor image quality and missed incidents. We use only high-quality cameras that provide clear, high-definition footage, capturing every detail accurately so nothing important is missed.

Advanced Motion Detection

False alarms are a nuisance. Our cameras have advanced motion detection technology, reducing false alarms and ensuring you are alerted only to real threats, enhancing your property's security.

Expert Installation

Improper installation leads to blind spots and ineffective surveillance. Our professional installers ensure that every camera is strategically placed and correctly set up for maximum coverage and effectiveness.


Our security cameras have infrared LEDs to capture clear images even in complete darkness. This feature ensures your property remains monitored and secure, regardless of the lighting conditions.

Yes, visible security cameras act as a strong deterrent to potential criminals. The presence of cameras can prevent crimes before they happen, making your property safer.

Our security cameras are energy-efficient. Additionally, we offer solar-powered cameras that use solar panels and rechargeable batteries, reducing the need for external power sources.

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