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LED Lighting Installation & Gate Operator Services in Trinity, FL

Time On Target Pro Security has over 15 years of providing the best LED lighting and gate operator services in Trinity, FL. Whether you need a new lighting system to brighten your home or business or require expert gate operator services for enhanced security and convenience, we are here to help. Our licensed and insured team ensures that all installations are carried out safely and to the highest standards. We use only trusted brand names in the security solutions industry, so you can trust that your property is outfitted with the best products. Our high-quality and affordable services make professional security and lighting accessible to all. Our 24/7 response times mean we’re always ready to assist you whenever you need us.

Access Control and Security Camera System

Our access control and security camera system services in Trinity, FL, are designed to safeguard your property with advanced technology and expert solutions. We provide security solutions for unique residential, commercial, and community environment needs. We offer advanced systems for access control that regulate entry and manage permissions efficiently. Whether biometric scanners, keypads, or card readers, our solutions ensure only authorized personnel gain access, enhancing security and peace of mind. From HD cameras to advanced analytics and remote monitoring capabilities, we provide strong systems that deter intrusions, monitor activities, and provide valuable evidence if needed.

Home Network Installation & Security System

At Time On Target Pro Security, we recognize the critical role that a well-integrated home network and strong security system play in ensuring the safety and functionality of your space. Serving both homes and businesses in Trinity, FL, we are committed to installing only the finest and most reliable systems. Our fully licensed and attentive team focuses on accurate installations that align with your specific needs, all while ensuring affordability. We cater to basic and advanced system requirements, emphasizing quick, around-the-clock support and ensuring you have the technological backbone to smoothly support your daily operations and security needs. Contact us now and secure your property today with us.

Why Choose us

Quality Products

We select only the most reliable and well-regarded brands for our LED lighting and security installations. This commitment ensures that every product we use contributes to the effectiveness and longevity of your security solutions.

Professional Installation

Our team's approach to installation goes beyond simple setup. Each project is handled carefully, ensuring all systems function optimally in your environment. This method reduces future issues, saving you time and resources.

Expertise in LED Technology

Our long-standing focus on LED technology equips us to recommend and implement the most suitable lighting solutions for your space. This expertise helps achieve optimal illumination while maximizing energy efficiency and cost savings.


We offer a variety of LED lighting solutions, including indoor, outdoor, and specialized security lighting designed for your residential or commercial needs.

Yes, we can install gate operators for a range of gate types, including swing, slide, and overhead gates, ensuring smooth operation designed to your property’s specifications.

We use only trusted brands in the security industry, known for their reliability and long-term performance, ensuring your network is robust and efficient.

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