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Home Automation & Network Installation Services in Land O' Lakes, FL

At Time On Target Pro Security, we provide home automation and network installation services in Land O’ Lakes, FL. Our expert team is dedicated to enhancing the functionality and convenience of your home or business through advanced technology. We install various smart home devices that allow property owners to easily manage their environments using digital platforms. We also integrate smart entertainment systems and voice-controlled devices, creating a smooth digital experience throughout your property. Our network installations ensure all operations are connected and running smoothly for businesses, supporting everything from basic internet access to complex network requirements. This is crucial for maintaining efficiency and productivity in today’s digital age.

Gate Operator Services & Security System

Time On Target Pro Security offers dedicated gate operator and security system services designed to bolster the safety and functionality of your premises. We specialize in the installation of sophisticated gate operators that enhance both the accessibility and security of your property. Our gate operators are reliable and built to suit various operational needs, whether for a residential driveway or a commercial entry point. These systems include advanced surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and access controls that monitor and protect every angle of your premises. Our approach ensures that our services cater to homes and businesses in Land O’ Lakes, FL, aiming to provide security and peace of mind.

LED Lighting Installation and Security Camera System

Time On Target Pro Security is also skilled in LED lighting installation and security camera systems. LED lights are not only energy-efficient but also improve the safety and aesthetics of your property. Alongside lighting solutions, we install high-quality security cameras that provide clear and detailed coverage of your premises. These systems are crucial for monitoring and recording activities around your home or business, offering you peace of mind. Our experienced professionals ensure installation is done effectively and with minimal disruption to your daily activities. Enhance your property’s safety and style—contact us today for expert LED lighting and security camera installations!

Why Choose us

Advanced Technology

We use the latest technology in home automation, security systems, and network installations. Our solutions are updated regularly to incorporate the newest innovations that enhance system functionality and reliability.


We focus on your needs, ensuring our installations support your lifestyle and business operations. Our approach is to listen carefully to your requirements and provide solutions that effectively address your concerns and challenges.

Efficient Installations

Our team is trained to carry out installations quickly without compromising quality. We respect your time and aim to complete projects with minimal disruption, ensuring your systems run smoothly as soon as possible.


Our home automation services include the installation of smart thermostats, security systems, lighting, and devices that can be managed remotely for enhanced convenience.

Our gate operator services provide controlled access to your property, enhancing security by regulating who can enter and exit and equipped with the latest technology for reliability.

Upgrading to a smart home system increases your control over home functionalities, improves energy efficiency, and enhances security through integrated technological solutions.

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