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Video Surveillance

Experience top-tier, cloud-managed video surveillance with Time on Target Security, your local authorized dealer in Trinity, Florida. Our systems combine advanced cloud storage solutions, 24/7 health monitoring, and smart analytics to ensure your footage is readily accessible and easy to manage.

Security cameras

Tailored Business Surveillance Solutions

Whether you’re a small shop or a large enterprise in Pasco County, our NDAA-compliant, commercial-grade camera options cater to all business sizes. Enjoy advanced features like varifocal lenses, 24/7 onboard or SVR recording, and software that transforms cameras into essential business tools. Have an existing video setup? Seamlessly integrate your current system with’s Pro Series CSVR using ONVIF and VAPIX by Axis.

State-of-the-Art Camera Technology

Keep your Trinity business safe with our latest NDAA compliant* Pro Series cameras. These cutting-edge devices enhance your operations with 4MP HDR video, IR night vision, and access to Business Activity Analytics, offering a comprehensive overview of your business environment.

Camera and video monitoring
customer flow tracking

Optimize Customer Management and Security

Our Business Activity Analytics provide valuable insights to effectively manage customer flow, make informed decisions, and optimize operations in Trinity. Manage your business more efficiently while ensuring the safety of your premises and customers.

Proactive Intrusion Prevention

Our systems are designed to proactively deter potential intruders by accurately detecting people and vehicles, and ignoring irrelevant movements like rain or shadows. Stay informed with real-time alerts on after-hours access attempts or unexpected presence in restricted areas, reinforced by’s Perimeter Guard™ for ultimate defense.


Efficient Event-Driven Video Search

Avoid the hassle of sifting through endless footage. Our smart search tools allow you to quickly locate and review important events, directly from your 24/7 video timeline.

Continuous Video Health Monitoring

With 24/7 monitoring, ensure your video surveillance system is always operational. Our health reporting tools keep you updated on storage duration, camera functionality, and field of view integrity, helping you maintain optimal security coverage.

Video health monitoring

Integrated Security Solutions for Trinity Businesses

Time on Target Security offers an all-encompassing solution for intrusion detection, access control, and video surveillance, minimizing the need for extensive onsite infrastructure. Our intuitive, cloud-based technology simplifies business management, giving you smarter control and better insights into your operations.

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